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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Watson is 19 and likely experienced a bit of shock at the difference in speed at the AHL level versus the OHL. It's kinda hard to hit people when the puck and people are flying by...

I think he'll be fine. He's grown a lot in the past year since being drafted and will continue to fill out his frame. I'm gonna bet that he's more ready to compete at that level when his junior season ends this year. Watson went from Milwaukee to Calgary to train and live with Martin Gelinas leading up to prospect camp. I think he realized what was needed to be done and is on his way to doing it...
Watson got from A to B well. He just poked with his stick rather than plastering people against the boards to get the puck. Like I said, he was new in the AHL and probably wanted to avoid getting a penalty. You are probably right about him, I just didn't see it in the few games he played in Milwaukee. A whole season makes for a better evaluation than a few games.

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