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10-22-2003, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by SaintRon
And when did this team chemistry start to falter? Soon after Jags entered the building. I'm suprised Stephen Peat hasn't roughed Jags up as well all know how Mr. Peat doesn't like "soft" superstar crybabies. ;-)
I could be wrong with this but wasn't there a major problem with GOMER Wilson at the helm BEFORE Jagr got there?
Wasn't Adam Oates sat during the playoffs because Wilson was trying to set an example that he could (and would) sit his number one center.

Then McPhee and Leonsis and Wilson got together and buried the hatchet. Yea right, buried the hatchet . . . LOL.

Then Bondra requested to be traded. And some FA players took less money to play somewhere else and the reason given was the inside cliques. Dahlen left to go elsewhere, Ken Klee took less money than offered this year.

Right now I would think if I had Jagr and an $11 million a year investment I would be forcing him and the other superstars to perform at maximum profiency. Or, they would be dragging their ass back to the bench after each shift. Not cutting their ice time, for crÍpes sake! Jagr had performed well in the first two games but apparently was given the lowest ice time in the first period of their 3rd game because he was being made an example of a slow line change. This coming from a coach who may set the career high for too many men on the ice penalties. These equal-opportunity butt-kicking coaches and GMs, who strip pieces of your hide off in front of the team, the fans and the media usually end up being used car salesmen or coaches in San Jose!

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