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07-30-2011, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by KevinLin View Post
You lost credibility including altidore after being so high on Mixx. Hardly washed up at 1 year older than Mixx. But anyway there were a lot of players that had trials and etc. before these guys. Also known of the guys you listed anyway are guys who will be dominant on the world level. And thats my point it will be another 10-15 years before the coach of the US MNT really makes a difference.

Also players should be starting in the MLS before they go to europe. That is how you develop players. A strong domestic league that can be a feeder to europe is important. You improve your pool as a whole so dont crap on them because they went to MLS first.
Since Jozy left the MLS for European glory, he's been on 5 clubs, 3 times on loan.

He's scored what, 3 domestic league goals in Europe? And I think the way to go is sign in Europe first. Were seeing with these younger players, as they come up through the u-20's etc, clubs are more willing to be patient with a certain player (I.E- Cherundolo). Sometimes when players get bought/loaned by a club, (Adu, Altidore, Bradley) they get one/two weeks to prove themselves, if they perform poorly, there is always another option and there stuffed on a long bench. Michael Bradley knows that very well. And for the USMNT to have top 5 every year material, it would help having a strong domestic league, but don't be surprised if we turn into a Uruguay/Ghana type country that doesn't have great depth, but are capable of making a run in the WC.

Also, we will see how an Agudelo or Gyau perform in a big league. In the Emirates cup today, the announcer said that Agudelo is getting major looks in Europe.

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