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07-30-2011, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Ted View Post
Having Cod4 come out in the same season certainly didn't help. By early spring it jumped over H3 for top spot on xbox live and never looked back. People were hungry for something new.

H3 had some really new/neat options not seen on console really before like replays and introduction of forge.
You also had Grant Theft Auto out shortly after. The three of them successful crashed Xbox Live that Christmas.

Reach is by far my favorite game on Xbox right now. I like the change of pace of Black Ops but it just doesn't require the skill, nor team work. The majority of my friends on Xbox live come via Halo. It just requires people to talk and work together. I can go for an hour in COD and not hear a word beside someone blasting music in to their mic.

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