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10-22-2003, 08:48 AM
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I don't think Granato is changing lines because he actually thinks Selanne should be on the 4th line while McAllister should be on the 1st line. I also don't think Granato puts out MacAllister-Battaglia-Cummins because he thinks that's the best 3rd line he can put out there.

I think Granato is trying to send a message to his team that they need to get their **** together, skate hard for 60 minutes, and play smart hockey or else changes will be made. I'm not sure that the superstars like Sakic, Selanne, Kariya, Forsberg, Hejduk, Blake or Foote are going to take it too seriously though. Therein lies the problem. The big guns are playing like crap right now right along with everyone else. The superstars are saying the right things.... keep it simple, focus, play hard, play within ourselves, yadda, yadda, yadda..... but then they go out and stink up the joint for 50 out of 60 minutes.

Granato is facing a big test as a coach right now. He's got a lot of high expectations thrust upon him and a lot of big names that aren't performing right now. A lot depends on how he handles this situation and whether he can get the attention and respect of the big guns when he gets pissed off or whether they tune him out and do their own thing anyway.

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