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07-31-2011, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Broken Tier View Post
The multiplayer will be using the Reach online multiplayer. It's basically a Halo Reach map pack of the original Halo maps, although you can play it off the Anniversary disc obviously.
Ugh, that's really disappointing. I was really hoping for some more four-hour-long epic CTF matches. We used to play LAN matches at lock-ins and at the end of the game even the worst players had over a hundred kills. I could've sworn Frankie mentioned it'd be possible to relive the classic multiplayer experience. I hope to god it's true.

Originally Posted by Evil Ted View Post
For a time on console Halo was hands down the best shooter. H2 kick started console live service and did a pretty good job at it.

When Cod4 hit it pretty much took over xbox live. Reach is still in the top 3 for xbox live activity last time I checked but it ranks behind both black ops and MW2.

I wouldnt be surprised if Reach stayed ahead of BF3 for activity on xbox live and if it doesnt I would attribute that cod fans just dont want to pay for the "extra" perks and are playing BF instead.

Anyway Ive played alot of halo and certainly one thing I dislike is the ADS/Zoom system, its also something that could be changed in H4.
Umm, no. Unreal Championship and Ghost Recon kick-started it. Halo 2 didn't show up for two years. The series suffered horribly due to the lack of a Live-enabled Halo 1.5. 2 would've been much better if Bungie had learned some lessons first.

Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
oh, i admit i'm nothing special at Halo multiplayer ...but that's more because of me not liking the gameplay and therefore not sinking the time into it.

and being able to pick Sprint as your one 'special' ability in Reach was laughable ...but it was probably the only one worth a damn.
Evade's pretty awesome, too. It's actually my go-to. Sprint's only supposed to be for Spartans and evade's only supposed to be for Elites, but sometimes they're both available and I just stick with evade. Lots of fun.

For me, the series goes Halo 1 >>>>>>>>>>>> Halo Reach > Halo 3 >>>>>>>>>>>> Halo 2. What an abortion Halo 2 was...

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