Thread: Larry Brooks: Bluebloods took less to remain NYR
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07-31-2011, 07:32 AM
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Honestly, Uncle Larry?

They just signed the same deals that we saw similar players sign with their own clubs. So when he says they "took less", what the hell is he talking about? Less than what? Less implies a direct comparison to others. Who are these plethora of other players who were in similar situations with similar stats who got gobs more money?

Show me player X of Dubi's age and statistics with his number of RFA years left who signed a contract for the same length that paid him more. There are certainly plenty of comparables that are about the same, but I can't think of any that signed for MORE. Unless he's comparing to UFA contracts, which is just asinine - and frankly what I think Larry is doing. The idiot.

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