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07-31-2011, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
Unfortunately I'm relatively new in owning season tix (1991). I pay for my seats in the 300's. As the prices climbed higher over the years, I sold what I needed to sell to make the seats more affordable. I don't rant against management over their pricing decisions. It's their business. I can complain, not attend games, not watch the games on TV or support the team in any way. That's my right. However, I would expect that MSG would run their business with the goal of maximizing profits for their shareholders. It is what it is.

Has the face of the crowd changed? Probably? Does that fact keep me from attending the games? No. Does the change affect my enjoyment? Marginally at best.

I don't sit in the best seats. However, I'm rich to the poor. Yet, I'm poor to the rich. I still enjoy the games and never consider how much anyone pays for their seats (or who paid for the seats). If I felt I no longer enjoyed the experience I would no longer attend. That's the American way.
I am in full agreement with everything you said and I am in the same boat.

Why people think the Rangers owe them something as in 'make it more affordable/don't raise prices' is beyond me. The secondary ticket market was garbage a couple of seasons ago but now it's come back and at times is absurd the amount of money I can get for my 300 level seats.

I think the overall face of the average fan has changed throughout all sports; maybe it's a societal change? The Yankee fans of the mid 90's with 30k in the building was much more 'aggressive' than they are now with a full house.

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