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07-31-2011, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Maybe i'm thinking about BR then. I know he said something about one of the contracts but I can't remember.

I'm actually thinking it was about Arty, now.

Yeah it was Arty.

Alright then, carry on.
He was initially skeptical on the Richards signing as well, and then changed his tune a day or two later.

"So it turns out the issue wasnít so much whether I agreed with Glen Sather and Jim Dolan on the deal the Rangers gave Brad Richards, but whether I agreed with myself.
Yes (or no), thatís correct. I did not want the Rangers to become enmeshed in a bidding war for No. 19. I did not want the Rangers to repeat their sins of the past by bribing a marquee athlete to wear the crest (while being careful never to step on it in the room). I did not want the team to give Richards longer than five years.
But itís clear this wasnít bribery that led to a shotgun wedding; this was a marriage. Richards left money on the table to sign. He did not attempt to shake every nickel loose. I had proposed five years at $6.5 million per. Essentially it is six years at $6.67 million per."

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