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07-31-2011, 12:06 PM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
... I think its funny Luongo still has to prove something to certain fans, as if his time in Florida and Vancouver hasn't been enough to show he's a top goaltender.
According to you, it isn't. Because he hasn't won anything in either place.

Oh, and what exactly are you measuring a goalies 'worth' on, if you can't count any of his trophies or medals? Are you just pulling things out of the air and saying 'because I said so'?
Actually watching them play and reading opinions of others who watch them play. Not going "Welp, he's got a Cup, so sign him up."

It's actually scary that the only way you know how to measure a goalie's worth is by looking in his trophy case. And not even at the individual awards.

Right, so we should all just ignore the fact he has 3 gold medals from the international tournaments. Also, his Olympic gold is tainted because Brodeur sucked, and Luongo had the easy job of stepping into that situation. His Olympic performance was terrific, how about playing for a gold medal in your own building, in your own nation... for your own fans? Nah, no pressure at all.. the guy is a chump...
The point, which clearly went over your head, was that Luongo according to you wasn't qualified to lead Canada to a gold medal at those Olympics.

On top of that, you'll find a lot of people who will disagree with your assessment of his play during that tournament. He played well, not terrific.

And it's hard for Price to win World Championship Gold when he's never been at the tournament. But apparently Luongo being unable to win in Florida allowed him to prove he could win at the WCs. Quite the little paradox you've set up there.

Reasons Luongo Sucks :

Most saves in a single season 2,303 in 200304
Most shots faced in a single season 2,488 in 200506
Most shots faced in a single playoff game 76
Most regular season overtime wins, all-time 49
3 Gold medals - International
1 Olympic Gold
.917 career Save % in playoffs
Ignoring the inanity of listing shots faced as some sort of accomplishment, according to you the bolded part is the most important thing on Luongo's resume.

Again, I'd rather choose my goalies based on how good they are, not what teams they happened to be on.

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