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07-31-2011, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
As I said, past years is fine. There's hockey that's been played in between.

But this is a month after the draft. This isn't predict your sleeper late round pick (AFAIK), this is a prospect ranking. What's Pribyl done to up his stock, or Didier to lower his?

It makes no sense that professionals pick certain players in a certain order, but the guys deemed to be lesser prospects get a jump on a team's ranking right after the draft for being european and have perceived skill? Remember the Datsyukan hands of Trunev? Good times.
Why have a draft talk at all? Why do teams bother employing scouts? Shouldn't they select according to the final CSS guide?

People have DIFFERING opinions of EVERY other scout out there. It is natural to have discrepancy. You are taking the opinion of our scouting staff for law? Did you agree with every pick we made? Do you not think there were players picked after our picks that we should've selected? Or do you have blind faith?

Every persons list looks differently. Everyone voting on these would come up with a completely different list. None are wrong and none are completely right.

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