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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
This is a good point. I've seen it said that if your defenseman is the best option, you play him on the PK first, then PP, then ES last, since that's the order of where a defenseman can make the most difference per minute.

I think it's worth looking at both overall and ES ice time.

I'm also not a fan of ice time rankings; I'd rather look at the time itself. If one defenseman played 19:55 and another 20:34, I'd consider them pretty damn close even if one were technically a #2 and one technically a #4.
Yeah seventies Macoun example is really the exact opposite specialist to Malakhov. He gives up PP time and gains ES/PK time. Partly due to his individual skills and partly due to his team context (Suter MacInnis on the PP etc.). I think their overall icetime demonstrates somewhat their overall skillsets and overall value in their particular team situation. Separating those two is hard.

The old adage you brought up makes me curious:

Does anyone have the following info?

average goals / min on PP
average goals / min at ES
average goals / min while SH

for teams or leagues?

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