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07-31-2011, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
It was awesome!!!! I had such a good time. This drunk chick kept trying to make out with me with my girlfriend sitting right next to me...It was pretty freaking awkward. And there was this group of 3-4 shirtless d-bags sitting on the hill, drunk out of their minds, picking fights with everyone, but otherwise it was amazing.
Yeah, great weekend.

But last year's headliners were lightyear's better (IMHO). Didn't bother seeing Eminem and Elvis Costello. Flaming Lips started reeeeeally strong but kinda lost the crowd at some point (my friends and I included), so we left.

Had a blast again at BSS. Got off my mind at Ratatat and Crystal Castles.

Cypress Hill was just greeeeeat !

****ed Up were chaotic as hell, it was amazing !

Got a bit disappointed by Death From Above 1979, but it was probably due by the fact we weren't in the front of the stage where we should've been.

Really enjoyed other noticeable ones like Malajube (not the best I've seen from them, but since they're one of my fav, I still enjoyed the moment), Passwords, Eels, Death Cab For Cutie (though I missed most of their show and only had 4-5 songs, but I knew them so I was happy), Kid Koala and Sam Roberts.

The one I WTFed the most: The Sounds. It was amazingly awful.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and now I'm left with nasty sunburns.

À l'année prochaine, Osheaga.

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