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Originally Posted by Noir View Post
Dude, that's generally a good thing.

Hockey is transitional game where mere seconds in a turn over could result in a game winning goal. The problem is you're just throwing the puck away or turning it over yourself.

Being fast is a good thing, and I'm not just talking about playing fast, it's also about thinking fast. The difference between me and the lesser experienced players in my beer league... is that before I even get possesion of the puck, I'm already tracking where my teammates are, where the opposing players are, and already making decisions.... ALL BEFORE I EVEN TOUCH THE PUCK.

The difference between smart hockey players and plugs.... are players who are thinking ALL THE TIME; not just on plays they are involved in. You have the right idea, u just gotta develop your hockey sense more and you'd be burning players with your passes/plays.

Hockey is the 1 game where it's not about slowing down. This sport at its best levels is just insanely fast; that if you check out for even a sec, be behind even 1 step, fall behind reading the developing play, or even overhandle the puck, can not just cost you the play, but even the game itself.
This is true, and, yet, it's not. Hockey is an extremely FAST game, no arguing that. However, sometimes, it is better to slow the play down. Often times, that slight hesitation that forces the forechecker to do a drive by, opens up a lane to spring a forward for a rush... Often times, holding the puck that extra half second, allows a lane to open up when you have a teammate driving the net. It's really all about knowing the situation, and being able to assess and react on the fly, at full speed. Scored a goal tonight off a wicked one time pass, which, had my teammate not had the patience to slow up, and let the play develop, never would have happened. I was going hard to the net, but the lane was clogged. He recognized, slowed, I slowed down and dropped into a soft spot in the defense, and bam, bam, goal. Sometimes, slowing things down is exactly what you need to get the job done.

TIMING, TIMING, TIMING. Hockey is ALL about timing. Sometimes it requires light speed reaction, sometimes it requires slowing things down. When you master the timing, well, you go play in the NHL.

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