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08-01-2011, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by cyclones22 View Post
Except you actually have to #1, be willing to part with 4 first round draft choices because Drew's salary almost assuredly would be in the range for that type of draft choice compensation, #2 actually have 4 first round draft choices available in succession, #3 structure a contract in such a way the Kings could not/would not want to match, #4 be a team that Drew would actually want to sign with if the Kings don't match, #5 want to be that GM/team that breaks the unspoken rule about signing other team's RFAs to offer sheets. When you factor in all that, those 29 teams turn into what? Zero. But hey, I guess it's not too late for that single offer sheet to come in that Drew would sign.

Back to AMart, and my last post on this since it's not related to the OP anymore, the Kings don't decide if it's a 2-way contract after arbitration. The arbiter does. I'm sure DL took that all into account when he offered Alec the 2 year 1 way deal.
Ya I too will not post anymore as it is off topic. My last point is why not use the rules to your advantage? If you are a millionare and are going to get married do you get her to sign a prenup? Just to cover yourself if things don't work out? I remember many people singing Drewiskie's praises and now he is talked to be the man on the outside.

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