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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Not going to lie, I have a completely different opinion. I thought it was really amateur and not very in-depth at all. Most of the stuff he talks about should already be evident to any serious hockey fan. Do I need a book to tell me that scouts look for guys who are good skaters, or who make the right decisions on a 2-on-1? Not really. There are a couple of good parts when it does get in-depth, but they're too few and far between.

Gare Joyce's Future Greats and Heartbreaks (which I went back and re-read right after I finished The Art of Scouting) is a million times more interesting, both in terms of how the content is presented and in providing a true window into scouts' "secret" life. Maybe Future Greats spoiled me, because it set the bar really high. Malloy's book just didn't even come close IMO, it was more like an intro to scouting for people who are new hockey fans.
The guy(s) who drafted Kyle Chipchura, Jason Ward and Matt Higgins needs to read something...

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