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08-01-2011, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
I cringe every time I drive under an overpass, or over a bridge in traffic. I now avoid the Champlain bridge completely, and LH Lafontaine worries me. JC seems OK, but what do I know?

The only time I've felt this nervous driving was going through major tunnels/bridges in NYC for a time after 9/11.

They need to get their ***** in gear. It's pretty pathetic and embarrassing at this point.
Just curious, what do you do in NYC and MTL, just seems odd for those two cities.

Also In regards to what your talking about I live in Halifax, NS and we have two bridges,

The Mackay and the Macdonald, the Mackay was built in the 60's/70's and the other was built in the 50's. They charge us a toll to cross, usually if your a resident it's 70 cents, non residents its 1$. (macpass vs. no macpass). What they do is they then stockpile the money, and do continuous never ending maintenance on them, for example, the bridges each year change a different tint of green. This is because each year they start at one end and go right across to the other. Then they take all the gear to the other side and start painting again. Every five years they replace a lane and every ten they replace the bridge deck. In fact on the older of the two(which is closer to downtown). They've added bike lanes to the sides as well as suicide rails. I honestly couldn't tell you when there was last a maintenance related injury or problem with those bridges. The only issue we have is they do a lot of the paving maintenance during the summer backing traffic up. Also there's discussions about building another bridge soon, that they already have some saved up to put into building it.

Just showing how effective a toll can be, at preventing these kinds of things

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