Thread: Larry Brooks: Bluebloods took less to remain NYR
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08-01-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
I'm really surprised not only by the number of people that would go along with this "Callahan is being paid just as his comparables are," but also by some of the posters that are going along with that. Some of you I expect much better from.

It's a bargain of a deal for Callahan, because none of those players are actual comparables. He's better than all of those names. But that's the thing with the contract. It's cheap because it's only for 3 years (which is why I'm not a huge fan of it, would have preferred a 5 year deal, even if it meant a cap hit of $ say that he's undeserving of that would be a bit absurd, IMO).

I mean, man, if I read one more time that Andrew Ladd is a comparable to Callahan...Let me put it this way: if all that Callahan was was an Andrew Ladd, his picture would not have a near-permanent place in my avatar. Andrew Ladd is a comparable to Dubinsky. Not to Callahan.
First, you make it sound as if Dubi and Cally are worlds apart. I'm sure there are plently of Dubi supporters here who could reasonably argue that Dubi might be a better value (you probably know what these are anyway). And speaking of reasonable arguments, "near-permanent place" in your avatar is NOT a good argument.

On the subject, I think Staal signed his contract with home discount. Cally and Dubi got the market price based on the current market, their RFA / UFA status & number of UFA year they "gave up". People have to remember that in hockey contracts are guaranteed so it is also in player's best interest to sign longer contracts. It's called job security.

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