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08-01-2011, 12:24 PM
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Best advice was by far post #6 by noir.

Think AHEAD of the play, it's too late to think when you have the puck.
You always pass the puck where your teammate will be, not where he is, it's the same thing about reading the play you need to recognize where the play will be and act accordingly. When you have the puck and start thinking it's like passing where the player was.
I don't know if you've ever played baseball, but every player on the field at any moment knows what he will do with the ball if it is hit towards him. They don't wait until the ball is in their gloves to start thinking. They know beforehand. Hockey is the same principle except that the play you know your gonna do changes continually.

It's allright to react to what happens when you have the puck, but you should know already what is likely to happen.

That is especially true when you start knowing the other players and their tendencies, you can predict what they will do. That's what you use your time on the bench for.

When you get good at reading other players and plays you can start thinking 2-3 plays in advance and that makes you a dangerous player.

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