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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
I honestly don't remember many people critical of Holland for not signing Wiz — not at the price Montreal signed him for.
Heh. Yeah, that was part of the charm of the criticisms. Holland was criticized for not signing guys who signed elsewhere for more than pretty much anybody here wanted to sign them for, or for not trading for players who were acquired with a deal larger than pretty much anybody here would have been willing to part with.

Then, when he leaves himself vast room to make subsequent moves, people complain that the offseason was a bad one because he didn't get guys he shouldn't have gotten or traded for guys he shouldn't have traded for, mostly because they don't believe Holland is going to be an aggressive trade deadline player even though pretty much every time Holland's had the financial freedom to make a deadline move he's made a significant one.

As though the moves SJ has made aren't fraught with at least as much risk (if not more) than Holland's more value-focused approach. Havlat and Burns are not exactly Cal Ripken Jr's on skates. If either or both end up being as brittle as they've demonstrated at times over the years, that team is in real trouble immediately.

Different approaches.

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