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09-26-2005, 05:52 PM
Seth Lake
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I don't know if this is what you are referring to...but I had to turn off the show with the guy that wasn't asking a question, but very crudely explaining where the goalies could and couldn't play the puck...he went on for about 90 seconds before I turned it off and there was no question or comment in the near future as far as I could tell.

My other favorites outside of the "Walker is the reason I come to games (which is great if we get a fan because of a player, but hopefully she follows the team too and won't leave if/when Walker does)" definitely had to be the caller that asked, "I didn't see much of that "Rad-u-lav" kid playing tonight...why not?" and "Why send Finley down, he's the best thing that with the Predators" callers. Again, where do they get these people?

Anyhow...about the Sullivan play...I didn't see it...if I didn't stand out in my mind. But about Legwand's "breakaway" was on the opposite end of the rink from me, but...he was at the end of his shift and appeared to be out of gas. He totally stopped skating and was trying to draw a penalty. I thought it was clear that the players quickly realized that anything and everything was going to be called and really started to take some dives, not saying Legwand took a dive here, but he stopped skating.

Anyone else get the feeling that diving (which I have not seen called in any game so far this preseason) is going to become very prevalent if not cracked down on?

BTW, the Walker tripping call in the third period was atrocious. Walker simply firmly pressed his stick against the ice to play the puck and prevent it from being pushed by him and the player skated over Walker's stick trying to push the puck past him. That's not tripping...that's hockey. Timonen's penalty I didn't see directly (I was watching the movement on the off-wing, but on the replay it didn't appear to be anything bad...but I could be wrong...did Timonen pull up on his stick and lift the feet out from underneath the player?

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