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08-01-2011, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Subnordi View Post
I was reading a Gary Roberts article today, and he said Bench pressing, bicep curls, and leg pressing are the 3 biggest hockey training no-no's
There are no "no-no's", just improper usage of an exercise. I wouldn't base my training around those three exercises, especially for hockey, but they could have a place in a program. Nothing wrong with bench pressing anyways, it's a great exercise, even Oly lifters(for whom bench pressing can actually be detrimental) do it once in a while.

Originally Posted by NJD21 View Post
I've read somewhere that leg press is not a good exercise for hockey.

Each week I've been doing leg press right after squats and lunges, but is there a better leg exercise I can replace leg press with?

And what's so bad about leg press anyway? Does it have to do with being able to exert a large force with your legs that your core can't match against?
What your doing is perfectly fine, it's textbook use of the leg press. I would do them for 12-20 of bodybuilding type reps at full range of motion. I use front squats personally, because of the added glute, upper back and ab work.

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