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08-01-2011, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
For me, CLEARLY, Wheeling material are Lefebvre, Bishop and Massť. I would also have sent Schulz and Fortier in the ECHL last year....would be tempted to do it this year yet, it's for both guys' interest to play in the AHL this year as far as their development is concerned. Actually, Fortier was not that bad, had some ups moments.

And White is NHL material. I would have the tendancy to think that Berger will already be AHL material even if it starts slowly. And for Avtsin's development, not only he HAS to be AHL material...but he has to be a starter in every game. Let's hope Jodoin believes that.

So from those 17 forwards, remove 3 in Wheeling. Remove 1 in White in Montreal. Means 14. Remove maybe Engqvist who might have the outside chance of starting the year IF Eller isn't ready. If Eller is ready well that means 14 players with 2 not playing. But you have plenty of rookies who might not play all the games, though I would prefer, also for their development, to at least see Leblanc, take a regular turn. Or we might see a trade, a forward for a D. Tons of possible combination. And this is without thinking that the Dogs and/or the Habs play with an healthy lineup....we know so much THAT won't happen....The Wheeling guys know they'll see Hamilton real soon and real often...
Sorry I didn't realize that Ryan White has been signed to a one way contract meaning he's with the Habs all season.

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