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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
This couldn't describe me better. Not that their aren't better skaters, but my skating is light years ahead of my stick handling and hockey sense. Opportunities that my skating creates are wasted because my hands and decision making just aren't there yet.

How do I change that? As you said I don't want to skate at 80%. Only thing I know to do is keep my head up and keep thinking out there. That and working on handling the puck on and off ice of course.

Thanks for the incite.
Like I mentioned earlier, if it's your hockey sense that's falling behind, you have to be constantly THINKING and ASSESSING the game well before you even touch the puck.

You not only have to track who the puck carrier is, but you have to track where your teammates are, and where the players of the other team is. That way, when u do get the puck/or the puck gets to you, you already know what to do: which pass to make, which open lane to exploit.

When you know what to do before hand, it also saves you from having to make decisions on the pressure (from your backcheckers); which in most cases, hasty decision making are poor ones.

It really is the better problem than having advanced hockey sense but not the skill to catch up to the game. For people that get old, it's one of their big frustrations.

Now, if its your hand that isn't catching up to your speed, you just gotta do some drills on your own time to work on it. I suggest getting some cones or (whatever obstacles you can find); start slow and build speed negotiating around your obstacles.

The key is of getting that gentle feel of cradling the puck and developing all the micro puck-cradling that goes into fancier stick handling.

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