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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
Yup... Been saying this for a while now. Lou has had a series of questionable moves since the lockout. He has proven to be a bad GM under the new CBA and hasn't been able to control his payroll well or make good roster decisions. He's still living on his past reputation. I argued this in a thread a few weeks ago when a Devils' fan said that Lou has a great history and won't question his decisions. I think he's proven enough now that every one of his decisions should be questioned.

He still continues to get a free pass from too many. Even after the Rolston trade the justification was that it wasn't a bad signing because they got something for him in a trade. All they got was a smaller buyout.

Lou's a HOF GM who needs to retire. Everyone eventually reaches their expiration date no matter how great they once were. Lou seems to be past his. A great GM in the past era. Too many questionable and below-average moves in today's era.

How exactly has he been ďproven to be a bad GM under the new CBAĒ considering his teams have won the division four times and finished lower than 4th in the East just once since the lockout? The bottom line is still about results & while the postseason success hasnít been there heís still managed to put together solid teams that could compete for a Cup all but once since the lockout after coming off a long period of having low draft picks.

I have no problem questioning his moves, but itís comical how some non-Devils fans try to paint Louís performance since the lockout. Despite some of his misses, I donít think there are many Devils fans out there that want to see him leave.

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