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08-01-2011, 04:43 PM
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I wonder what goes on in the boardroom's of major corporations that just happened to be color free. I wonder what kind of things they say there. For instance I even wonder what many of these major donors to the GOP say about the current president. That's all good?--as long as no one hears about it.

This is one of the more asinine threads I have read on this site. Alleged remarks made several years ago. No real proof of which means get off my frigging team. Honestly I think it's funny that several posters defending Avery here really wouldn't mind him off the team but it's more about his game than his persona. I can at least understand that.

Here's something to think about--Avery may even have made that remark to Laraque or maybe he didn't--but does anyone really think he's a bigot?--after the gay rights thing? Did he have any real problems with Nigel Dawes or Kevin Weekes? No doubt at least one night back in his days with the Kings he frustrated the **** out of Laraque. Laraque a legit heavyweight wants to fight him?--a 5'10 agitator? Sounds a little stupid doesn't it? Like Laraque (not Avery) lost his cool? An angry player justifying his own loss of self control after a game?--like Cairns going off on Purinton? Daneyko on Malhotra? Probert on Domi?

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