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Originally Posted by Habitants View Post

They will complete their inspections this week, but i am pretty sure this is due to the construction work for the CHUM. they are building directly over the tunnel. It is a big project that is already being rushed, so im sure that something got overlooked and or a mistake was made. In this case they came out lucky. I still cannot beleive no one was there when it fell.

this does discount the poor state of MTL infrastructure. Unfotunately these are not problems that are easily fixed.not only does it take money, but a lot of time for plans and construction to replace old structures.

Originally Posted by CTV Montreal

The Transport Ministry released two inspections of the Viger Tunnel done in 2008 and 2010 on Monday afternoon, and they suggest the state of the infrastructure was of grave concern well before Sunday morning's incident that saw a massive concrete beam fall on the Ville-Marie expressway.

In the 2008 report done by SNC Lavalin, the state of the tunnel is considered to be in serious disrepair.


The 2008 inspection noted some structural problems associated with the concrete shades that fell and the beams that supported them.


The report said the beams holding the shades up were showing cracks and deteriorated concrete near the supports. It also said that beam number one the one next to the beam that fell and beam number 17 had lost 25 per cent of their support strength.

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