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08-01-2011, 07:38 PM
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As a realist and political science student I thought I would share my thoughts...

It is indeed unfortunate that current state of infrastructure in Quebec is pitiful and pathetically poor. The economy is very bad in Quebec. What do you think it is compared to the other Canadian provinces? Montreal's budgets are always in the red...and Political scene in this province makes hell look like heaven. Provincially who are Quebec voters to vote for when effectively we live in a one party state...Parti Quebecois?...good luck down that shizer creak without a paddle...To make things worse, in general the populace is complacent is disengaged from politics, effectively spitting on their democratic rights to vote while at the same time our brothers and sisters are dieing to preserve democracy in lands afar...I ask you all are you really shocked by the state of our infrastructure or the sub-par maintenance? I see little point in being discontent and not actively seeking to change the make things worse...if you are actively seeking to change the situation...good luck you will need it..and outside the box type of mentality...because it is quite hopeless to see any measurable change of the economic and political climate of Quebec in a positive direction...and if you do...well your standards are too low and we should determine and achieve for higher...finally... I used to complain I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet...

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