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08-01-2011, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
It doesn't work like that. There is no order to put in a claim. All teams put in claims at the same time and whoever has the highest priority wins.

Once a player is put on waivers (waivers are processed every day @ 12PM New York time) all teams are notified and have 24 hrs (48 hrs if waivers start on Sat or Sun) to put in a claim. After 24/48 hrs, if any team(s) put in a claim, whichever team had the highest priority(*) gets the player - if not, he clears.

(*) priority is based on the reverse order of the standings (based on pts/game played). Before Nov 1, the priority is based on the previous years standings, on or after Nov 1 it is based on the current ones.
This is the off-season ruling, correct? Because I am positive it's based on standings during the regular season.

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