Thread: Larry Brooks: Bluebloods took less to remain NYR
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08-01-2011, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by gluvhand View Post
What gives you any indication they don't like Tortorella? Don't project how you feel onto people you've never met or spoken to. Your entire arguement is based on the Rangers crapping the bed and revolting against their coach after getting their new contracts. If you think so little of this team's character and make-up and this coach why are you a fan of this team? And let's assume you're right for one minute. Will that make you feel better? That "I told you so" would be very satisfying but guess what? You'd have wasted your time cheering for a team you obviously really don't like in any way. Find a team that does things the way you like and cheer them on. You'll save yourself alot of aggravation.
Too late. Have been a Ranger fan for very long. Was probably before you were born.

Players may love the coach and yet quit on him. Disciplinarians like Torts are never truly loved, though. That is why they got fired so often. I do not exactly like what Sather is building here. I do not share all that hype about young players. It's is not enough to be just young. Core players the club is built around must be young forwards with potential to become elite as team evolves. Our elite forwards are not young. Our young forwards will never be elite. Can't build around defensemen. No elite players there either. No matter how many years I would wish Staal will become Letang it will not happen. The one D with elite potential was sent down because no one had patience to keep him around.

Anyway... While I do not like the direction this team is going, I do not insist they will necessarily fail this season. They have solid players, true. It depends on Richards and Lundqvist. Very much like it was depending on Jagr and Lundqvist earlier. One is out, the team is out. That's it. Neither Dubi or Cali will have much of the effect, IMO, as they are still complimentary performers and will be such for good. Failure was just one of the possible scenarios I needed to show how home discount works against those who are okay with it..

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