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Originally Posted by Jason MacIsaac View Post
It is hard to determine when a drafting strategy is gone sour, NJ takes 4 or 5 years with most prospects so by the time Ahonen, Suglobov, and Laine's are not developing it has been 5 or 6 years. I will tell you, New Jersey has fixed that problem and you will see them below the cap the next 5 years due to strong drafts. We have so many big mobile defensmen that we will not need to overpay Greene or Fayne when their contract is up.

Also, you don't exactly blow up a scouting staff that won you 3 stanley cups and was considered the best in the NHL for 10-15 years.
who said anything about "blowing them up" ... New Jersey has great scouts and they're all highly reputable. But if you go through 7 years without good drafting - as you suggested - you need to look into the situation. That doesn't mean you blow it up. Maybe the problem is at the development level, their minor league system, their skills and development coaches? Maybe they need to supplement that scouting staff with more bodies?

I certainly would never consider "blowing up" that scouting staff... they've proven to be too good for too long. Drafting and overall development however was not my issue with Lou's work since the lockout, although I do believe that when you go that long without something coming in, you need to evaluate the situation.

It's the specific moves he's made and the number of them that have failed. This may happen with other GMs, but you don't expect that many mistakes by a GM who's earned his reputation as a HOF GM for what he's done 10+ years ago. It's been too many years now where it seems that he's treading water rather than improving overall. Too many good players walking away without anything to show for them... too many contracts that don't play up to the level they've been paid.

And again, I'm not taking anything away from Lou's career as a GM. One of the game's greats - all-time. To me however, he's not at that level anymore. Doesn't mean I think he's trash and the worst in the game. I just haven't seen anything from him since the lockout that makes him come across as anything more than an average GM. Hasn't been able to retain his key players to good contracts, hasn't been able find the right FAs out there and get them on good contracts. And hasn't been able to get much back for the many veterans that have walked as FA - either in trade, via other UFA replacements, or developed within the system. All that points to me that he's average now. And because we're looking at multiple years were this has all happened - consistently since the new CBA has come in, I'm more inclined to believe that his time as that great HOF worthy GM, is over.

Nothing wrong with that. He's had a career that most other GMs will never touch. But I just don't see him in his "prime" anymore. Whether that's due to the changes in the game, the changes with the CBA, or simply age (we all get old and past our prime regardless of what we do in life), the results aren't the same, and haven't been for the past several years.

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