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What is needed to be a good team captain?

My team is in an adult league. I am the Alternate captain and the team manager.

Myself and the captain are the only returning players, who played for the team last year. We were put into these roles because we were the only guys who weren't newbies to the club.

Unfortunately the captain has poor communications skills and just isn't very bright.

I don't want to be captain because I feel I'm not the team's best player and I already have enough on my plate.

I send emails, text messages and communicate regularly with the team. They tell me their problems. The captain does nothing, not even checking his emails for weeks or replying to text messages.

He has dragged the team name through the dirt with altercations and arguments and he has ruined everyone's fun. "It only takes one person", as I have found out in the workplace, too.

If he goes, who do we replace him with? Exactly what is needed to be a good team captain?

Maybe hockey skills and high goal scoring stats aren't the only issue?

I feel worn-out by a lot of this stuff. Being a team manager has helped me learn about behind-the-scenes organizational hockey stuff, whereas most of my team are apathetic and "just want to play".

However, a lot of work is done behind the scenes (organizing a season of hockey) so these guys can just show up for the game.

Being a team manager in my league is an unpaid and largely thankless task. Sorry for the rant. What do you think are important skills for a good team captain?

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