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08-02-2011, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
Saving a million dollars is not worth the potential strain arbitration can put between Weber and managements relationship.

I have to agree 100 percent with Trig. This offseason has failed to capture any momentum left at the end of the year. Whether that is managements fault or not I don't know. It's really irrelevant.
I agree with this.
Poile could be trying to think ahead to what he has to pay Suter and Rinne thinking the contracts will be directly related. While the 4.5 million may be a figure made up to make southern hockey look bad, there may be a little truth to the rumor. I am totally frustrated with this situation right now and of some of the decisions made by Poile in the recent past. Bringing arguably your best player to this point could be disatrous. How does this look to the rest of the does it look to potential free agents...this is a horrible situation.
Do we think that any other team would be in this situation with their star player right now? It is early, and the kids kept me up late, but when was the last time a STUD like this was taken to arbitration. I generally want to know not trying to make a point.
I really think Poile has dropped the ball on several occasions with this team. This coming from someone was was an ardent Poile supporter. Failing to address the need for a top line player....when we finally get one, letting him bolt to Russia...(sure that was all Radulov's fault) another GM probably would have been more proactive in making sure he stays here in the states, letting Hamhuis walk away from the team...sure he wasn't Weber...if he was, we would lock him up long term Refusing to get aggressive with free agents making them come to us rather than the other way Kariya, Dumont, and possibly Arnott. Refusing to trade assets in areas of strength for assets in areas of weakness. Sorry for the rant, but I am extremely disappointed right now.

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