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08-02-2011, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post

Parise will not get $6.5. He will get $90 over 12 years, taking him to 40 years of age, woth the last three years being $1 each.

That's a cap hit of $7.5.

How did I calculate this? Brad is 3 years younger and Parise is a better player. Brad got $57 over 6 years plus another three years for the cap. That's $9.5 annually plus those 3 years.

You have to figure Parise gets a contract to the age of 40 like all superstar do.

At 9 years times $9.5, we are talking about $85.5. Add another three years at $1, and it's now $88.5.

I added an extra $1.5 over all these years because I expect more teams to bid on Parise than Brad. Star left wings are very rare, more than centers or right wings.

At a minimum, he will get $84, which would be $7 a year, not $6.5. But I fully expect something closer to $90 than $84. Maybe $88-$89.
I know he is not a 6.5per year player. He will make alot more than that in real money. But what im saying is his aav for his caphit could be a multiple of different amounts based upon what hes willing to accept to go to a contender. Just like Richards, is he willing to leave $2-3m per year in order to win a cup or is he all about the money? I think Parise is about winning and going to a winning franchise and thats what we have built here, with the ability to compete for the cup soon WITHOUT his help.

Regardless, we can afford to pay him $7m AAV and have everyone signed.. Then the next year we can see who Richards has more chemistry with and how Gaborik has been playing.. Then we can trade Gabby for young peices or just let his contract run out and gain 7.5m back in salary to pay players like Stepan and Mcdonagh and all them.

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