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08-02-2011, 10:42 AM
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I'll admit I'm stressing as much as anyone, but to automatically assume this is Poile has no basis.

1.) Maybe this isn't given as much consideration by some because it's just too ugly to think about, but despite what SW has said publicly, what if he doesn't want to be here long-term? Even if he does, what if he's asking for the moon? And even if he isn't, what if he's waiting to see what kind of offense management could build? That would be fair, and it also wouldn't be DP's fault it's gotten this far.

2.) It could be ownership. Like many, I've swooned over the commitment and vision ownership has shown, and I give them the benefit of the doubt. But with all that's happening in the US and world economy, we don't know if their supporting business operations are now on thin ice, and they've needed to put a straight-jacket on DP. It may have pained them to do it, but if they had to...

A lot is made that Poile took this to arbitration. Well let's deal with the facts, and that is simply that DP and SW were not close to a deal as July 1 approached, and SW would have been opened up to competing offers. We don't know what DP knew but if he knew that for whatever reason they'd need more time to come to a deal, then of course he'd have to protect the asset and file for arbirtration. It was a smart move.

Why it hasn't been resolved until today is anyone's guess, but it is a guess, and DP could be one reason, but there are least two others which aren't his fault.

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