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Originally Posted by jwitz04 View Post
Im usually on the wing..but I've been playing D alot on my summer league team, which I've never really played. What am I supposed to do if the faceoff is won to me in our own zone? I tend to throw the puck high off the glass hoping for one of the wings to beat an opposing player to it. Is this wrong? It worked a few times..however one time I chipped it off the high glass off the faceoff and went right to the other teams D man and gave up a deflection goal.
Yeah chipping the puck up the glass withouht a purpose is wrong. You're just giving it away.

First thing to do it move your feet. The more you stay in your corner, the easier you are to take the puck from. The easy option to to skate behind your own net for some seperation and to give time to your forwards to move.

Alternatively you can pass it to your D partner who should give you an outlet pass behind the net. That make for a much faster break out.

Anothereasy play that I try once in a while, is I just chip the puck right away to the open winger. If a forward presses you, then one of your forward has to be open, just a quick chip should give him the puck. It usually works good with the center, because very often if the other center charges you, your center just hobbles around the faceoff circle happy that he won the faceoff and the defenseman are near the blue line, so there is room. You have to have confidence in yourself though.

It also works with the winger, but in that case try to bounce it off the board so the puck comes back on his blade instead of having him fight the puck on the board. (actually try that too for your d passes since if your partner has to get the puck off the board, then he's not facing the play anymore. Try to bounce it at an angle behind the net so he gets it on his front side)

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