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08-02-2011, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Cams View Post
No need to celebrate in a beer league. When I score - I just maybe tap gloves with my linemates, and then either go to the bench, or lineup for the faceoff.

Why people need to show off with stupid celebrations in a recreational league is beyond me.

If somebody on an opposing team did something like this:

My first year bantam though, my buddy and I were huge nWo fans. So I'd be Hall and he was Nash, everytime I scored I did the thumb point to myself in the middle of the ice (hard to explain, but if you know Razor Ramon or Scott Hall you'd understand). For big goals he'd skate up the boards shed his mitts and do the wolfpack hand sign while bending one knee.
went to center ice and did a snow angel.

then most of guys I play with (myself included) would probably let your teammates know that someone might not see you coming and knock you flying, or you might not get be able to get your ankles out of the way of shot.....

Especially for a rec league or rec tournament - when you score a goal, get ready for the faceoff. You look like a complete idiot if you go all crazy and stuff. Like others have said - act like you've been there.

Mine was the snow angel thing, trust me though, I realized how queer I was acting when I'd celebrate, I've since calmed down. I hate showboats, it's not that great of an excuse but it was my first year and I didn't score much.

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