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Originally Posted by PuckBoy33 View Post
What has he done for us lately?
I believe we can look but 100 or so miles north for an example of what Mr. Snider did for us... Look at the Islanders ongoing dilemma... In the Nineties when it was apparent that the team needed the additional revenue that only new arena with deluxe boxes/suites can bring, he didn't wait for someone else to come help the team... With just the aid of the land lease he fully independently raised the funds for the new Center and ensured the long-term future of the franchise... Along with the building he created Spectrecore (sp?) and added internal revenue through venue management and also set up one of America's best entertainment showplaces, bringing in he top acts to the City -- remember when many of the top acts went to NJ?

Look at other Organizations and see how they held out their hands and begged and legislated... or in the worst cases lost their franchises... As great an owner s Mr. Wang appears to be he will be hard pressed to keep that NY team with great history in place, as I see it.

The Cups may not have continued past the Mid-Seventies but as recent as 2010 he gave the Flyers a legitimate shot at one and they are almost in he hunt decade after decade... I'm greatly disappointed that the Flyers have not won a Cup for such long time, but I am proud to be a Flyers fan... and IMO that is in large part due to Mr. Snider being the owner -- just look at the brief few years he stepped away and left control to son Jay... that was the darkest period of the Organization with five straight years no postseason.

Also... lately he has done so much for the youth of city and the advancement of the sport of hockey in the City. He has devoted so much expense and time in preserving and adding to the ice rinks of Philly; that alone IMO is worthy of the USHHoF.

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