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Originally Posted by Alessandro Seren Rosso View Post
I would roughly compare the KHL draft to the CHL Import Draft. Most of the picks are people who either confirmed they're gonna report or they will defect to N. America. Other picks are crapshoots (like KHL teams drafting Huberdau/Pajaarvi and CHL teams drafting Kovalchuk/Filatov).
Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
No it's not. He's the "best of the rest," so to speak. Hardly anything to be excited about when we already have a very good d-corp.
We already had a very good D-corp yet we drafted Dylan McIlrath, WHY? To make it better. You always want to get better because better is better, depth is better, players competing for positions is better. It's a good problem to have.

Saying "Best of the rest" and calling it meaningless is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Saying that someone is the best of a large group of players at a young age, is pretty damn significant.

Need I mention that Dan Girardi was the best of the rest at one point in time. Maybe a guy like Blake Parlett is too, but we shouldn't get excited about them either I suppose.

Originally Posted by Alessandro Seren Rosso View Post
I would also add that I love people who compares him to Kasparaitis. Maybe many of you don't remember, but Kasparaitis, before getting to N. America, won an Olympic Gold Medal, while I would say that Pashnin and I don't have many different chances to play the Olympics with Team Russia...with all the due respect
Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Comparing him to Kaspar is ridiculous when Kaspar competed in the WJC and the Olympics.
I'd have to agree with you that in 2010 there were better options for Russia to choose for their Olympic roster. However in 2008 he did represent his Country in an international tournament against Canada

At age 19, he emerged as a dominant defensemen for Russian junior teams that played in both the 2008 ADT Canada-Russia Challenge against major-junior All-Stars and the 2009 World Junior Championship at Ottawa.

And he received a bronze medal when he played in the WJC the following year.

2008-2009 U20 WJC Bronze Medal

It's amazing how some people will grasp onto the Ethan Wereks and Andrew Yogans out there and build them up like they're going to be our next star.."don't discard them like they're a throw-in" I've seen fans say on this board, yet put down guys like these who are a 7th round pick who are busting their tales and "turning heads"

Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
This part made me laugh.
Repeating what I've read, don't remember where or I'd link it.

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