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08-02-2011, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I have essentially no hope that Gauthier actually will claim him. Whatever plan Gauthier has - whether he had a camp invite leftover in mind, or another UFA, or is truly just content with the mix he has - I don't see White intruding on his plans. Who knows. I'd sure go for White. But as you say, if every team passed on trading a 7th rounder for him, then I would guesstimate that every team is going to pass on him on waivers too. (Unless White was blocking things with an NTC, say).

I'm not entirely sure why his value is so low. I don't watch him closely, of course, but I haven't found myself saying in the games I do see, "wow, White sure has lost it and looks like a pylon out there." Which does happen frequently enough to players of his type at around his age. Yet he seems like mostly the same player for the past few years? I'd like him better if he had some of the old aggression he showed as a junior, I remember watching those teams live in my Q days... never actually thought he'd make the NHL, but for sure would never have thought he'd make it while reining in his tough side to boot.

Well, if he does pass waivers, I'd add him to my small list of guys I'd like to see the team sign. Still just a 1-year offer, though.
Based on what's written on the Devils board it seems that many people are miffed at what's happening to White. And just to bring myself up to date on him I looked at last year's stats. In a weak year for the team White had the best plus/minus for any player playing more than 60 games (-2) . If there are no new undisclosed injuries and his eye is healthy I can't imagine there being too much risk. The team can absorb him and jettison Spacek making it a good swap in my opinion.

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