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08-02-2011, 12:52 PM
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I lived in Quebec, in a family whose love was all for the Nordiques. But for some reasons, I tend to hate all the teams of my hometown (Nordiques, Remparts, etc.), so I was not converted into a Nordiques fan.

As to how I became a Habs fan, that's quite weird. I started watching hockey during the 2003-04 playoffs, but had no favourite team. However, during the lockout season, in primary school, I had a new teacher, and he was a huge hockey fan, and an even bigger Habs fan. Since he was my favourite teacher at the time, I did some researches on a project I made on the Habs, and learned all their history and such. Then, I decided to watch some games, but didn't know it was the lockout, so I ended up on old games from 1993. The next year though, I really started watching every game. And that's how I became a Habs fan, in a city where nothing is more hated than them.

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