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08-02-2011, 01:50 PM
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One huge issue with stats in MLB is the fact that the parks are different. Whether it's a hitters or pitchers park is going to affect the players a lot since you play 81 home games. It's actually the only major sport where the playing environment isn't the same depending on location. All NHL rinks are identical in size, so are NFL fields and NBA courts.

One thing about WAR though... does the team actually have to win in order for a player to get +WAR? Like say a pitcher has 25 starts in a season, and the team's 0-25 in those starts, even though the guy has a 2.0 ERA and pitched 9 shutout innings twice. What would his WAR be? He's clearly a good pitcher but he didn't really give the team any wins since a replacement would've gotten blown out 25 times instead of losing close games.

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