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08-02-2011, 02:44 PM
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THN's The Replacements

The Hockey News has allowed the Flyers to post the entire cover story of the latest issue, called ‘The Replacements’ on the team website:

I bought it the other day, who could resist a magazine with a cover of Jagr's face on Richards' old uniform....

Here are two excerpts:
Sometimes you have to strain to hear Paul Holmgren talk because he speaks in such hushed tones. He certainly isn’t what you would consider blustery. He’s not the kind of guy who shows up at GM meetings and bangs his fist on the table demanding rule changes. Unlike when he played, he prefers the periphery. He is rarely quoted outside Philadelphia, not even in the ubiquitous “according-to-an-anonymous-source” way. Trust us on that one.

But goodness, the man has stones the size of goalie pads when it comes to making blockbuster moves, doesn’t he?

“Something happened with the hockey team after Christmas where our team went from being, to me, one of the premier teams to all of a sudden going south,” Clarke said. “And it was going south fast. And there were reasons for that and I think Paul recognized there were problems with it and that he had to change the team. And it wasn’t going to stop.”

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