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08-02-2011, 03:54 PM
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Ooo! Can I join?!

I check in on this board everyonce and awhile and just saw this and want to respond, if thats okay!

I am actually a Bruins season ticket holder, and love them, not going to lie, but I have only been a fan for about two seasons now.

When I first fell in love with hockey, which was not too long ago, I started reading about history, and time lines, etc and obviously, most of the interesting stuff to read comes from Montreal's history.

I always get excited to play the habs because I learned a ton about the current roster and the history.

I got tix to a game in Montreal and FELL IN LOVE with the The Bell Center. I loved the city, I loved the arena.

I always followed as many of the habs games as I could and all my friends mock me for liking the Habs, but also being a Bs fan.

I know its complex but I think i just love hockey in general.

Also, after Max Pacioretty got injured, I spent a lot of time on this board and made some pretty cool friends over here.

Perhaps Im own of a kind liking both teams, but it works for me.

Ive learned alot because of your board and team, so I like to support the habs when I can.

Also, I have more favorite players on the Habs than the Bs.

Anyway, thanks to everyone over here that accepted my love for two teams, and cant wait for next season!

Cheers all!

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