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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Nothing screams "well thought out argument" like latching onto a complete outlier (Selanne) and expecting Jagr to follow that path.

I expect Jagr to have good production, but your low end expectation is delusional fanboy stuff.
How is Selanne an outlier?

More and more the NHL is moving towards training regimens and fitness.

New generation players benefit from training and dieting more so than even players did 15 years ago.

Outside of 1992-93, Jagr has outscored Selanne in terms of PPG in every season. What makes you think he won't do it again?

I'm a big Jagr fan, maybe some will call me obsessed but instead of criticizing my opinion, why don't you try criticizing my arguments.

The first thing that usually goes as you grow older as a hockey player are the legs. Jagr though was never known for his speed. He's massive and he's got legs built like tree trunks. He was considered by many to be slow even in 2005-06 when he scored 54 goals and 123 Pts, in fact that season he didn't score a single breakaway goal.

In 2007-08 he looked even slower and gassed out until the playoffs where he was the most dominant player of that playoffs through 2 rounds.

Q: Can you compare the level of play in the KHL to the NHL?
“I’ve always said that the league is a totally different game on the big ice. That’s why there’s so many great players who play on the small ice that when they come on the big ice, they can’t play. It’s a totally different game. It’s tough to compare. If you had asked me three years ago, I would have told you I love to play on the small ice. I played there for 17 years. I felt a lot stronger than anybody, and I can play on the boards. It was a lot easier for me to play hockey on the small ice. But when I get to the big ice, I had to get used to it. I couldn’t play the same style. I had to change, had skate a lot more. You cannot stand. You have to skate a lot more. I think I’m better than I was, but you have to skate all the time. If you stand there, you don’t have a chance to play on the big ice.
What's in bold is in Jagr's own words. He himself says he's a better skater now than he was 3 years ago. All those who think Jagr can't score PPG are the ones who think he's too slow now and he can't keep up with this apparently "new, faster NHL".

When you age though, the vision, the playmaking don't go as fast as the legs and you know the saying, you can't teach size. Jagr still has elite size and strength, vision, playmaking and hands and with this added speed and refocus on conditioning and skating, I don't see how he won't be a PPG player.

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