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08-02-2011, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
This is exactly why I hate it when people say we should dump Gomez to save cap space.

Cap space doesn't win you games. Spacek may not be great, but I'd rather keep him if it meant we weren't going to do anything the added space. Same for Gomez.
i think it's this kind of approach that ultimately has hurt us in terms of regular season/deadline roster moves.

by spending right up to the cap, the flexibility the team has to be a "player" on the trade market is greatly diminished.

Spacek is an incredibly expensive commodity given what he brings to the table at this point. Yes, he's better than relying on Diaz or anyone else from Hamilton if/when injuries hit, but I disagree that we should be keeping him on those grounds.

Having depth is important, no doubt, but if we could jettison Spacek (which in itself is highly unlikely seeing that White just cleared waivers... i realize they have different qualitites, but White slipping through @3M$ tells me that the "teams needing to get to the cap floor" market is pretty much exhausted), I don't doubt that he'd be easily replaceable prior to Oct 1st with a player that would cost <2M$ if not <1M$ (Mccabe, Campoli, Stralman all come to mind).

long-term planning should underlie all roster decisions, and cap space usage is a part of that.

there are a lot of quality "borderline elite" impending UFA's coming up in 2012, the kinds of players you'd expect to be re-signed, but every year you see a few players of that nature get moved in-season, wether b/c the team is falling out of the playoff race and ownership wants to save money, or the team realizes they won't be able to re-sign the player and would prefer getting assets for them...

when is the last time we saw the habs aggressively go after a player like that? It's incredibly hard to do when you are tight against the cap and HAVE to move salary the other way/at the same time.

keeping a cushion, one not dependant on key injuries/ltir, is a good approach imo, and while the habs currently have that, we lose that if we sign 1-2 decent players without moving some salary...

imo, with our roster as it is, White would do more to improve our team than Spacek will, hence why I'd be in favor of "swapping" them.


3 solid puck movers/pp skilled dmen, 3 solid defensive dmen with some grit, 1 wild card

add a guy like Campoli for depth and I'd say it's a pretty balanced, deep and reasonably priced, defensive unit.

Spacek @ 3.8M instead of White @ 2-2.5? isn't a huge deal, but if I had a choice, I'd prefer White + cap space, or for that matter, Spacek + Cap space (over Spacek + White @ 6-7M)

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