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10-22-2003, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by kazo
Not that I doubt the information, but I just wonder how everyone from
x-ray techs to the Ranger team physcian is privy to this information. Don't people get fired for divulging medical records of any sort?
Here we go again.

And that's not directed at you specifacly Kazo as every time I post one of these this is what everybody comes back with.

Do you guys REALLY think doctors or for that matter X-RAY techs don't BS about such things as these with outside people???I mean really.

It's not that big a deal and if anybody is so sensative about the subject I can just delete the thread.

Just thought I'd pass along the HARMLESS info to some fellow NYR fans but every time I do somebody complains about Patients rights.

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