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08-02-2011, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Yet another interesting quote from one of our higher ups. Still clear none of us had any idea what was going on, but something was up.
yup, anyone who thinks otherwise at this point is being naive and still is emotionally attached to players. Which is understandable until the season starts. If it wasn't abundantly clear that something about the two was wrong in the manner in which they were traded then I don't know what to tell you because actions in that case speak louder than words.

Hopefully they made the right choices, b.c although this management may not have the greatest track record, they have put teams on the ice that win a lot of games over the years and have gone a lot farther than some big market teams to boot.

One thing is clear across professional sports is that players cannot be bigger than the teams they play for, and that includes management, trainers, coaches alike. It's about breeding a winning culture, and that culture or attitude becomes contagious, for better or worse; starting with the teams leaders. Look at how Chad Ochocinco(sp?) and Hayneworth suddenly have their tails between legs once they are in an environment that they know they are not going to be able to stroke their egos anymore.

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