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08-03-2011, 08:03 AM
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Don't get me wrong I love what Cammalleri-Gomez-Gionta does for the rest of the lines, it gives a ridiculous 1st and 3rd line.

Here's the problem. What do Cammalleri, Gomez and Gionta do all season? Two small guys paired up with Gomez who struggled last season. For that line to work I think you need to switch Cammalleri with Patches to be honest.

PS: I love how people defend their toughness argument by saying "we don't want a no skills fighter learn to read" but then fail to aknowledge that this team already has gotten tougher, has been trying to get tougher all along and is a fairly tough team to play against regardless.

They neglect the fact that adding to an area of weakness takes time and doesn't happen over night. I like PG because he isn't a reactionary GM looking to add anyone for "right now". He goes after "his guys" and is patient enough to acquire them either by trade or when they go UFA. No doubt in my mind he really wanted to go after Cole and he did by making him an offer he could not refuse.

People neglect to ever mention this type of stuff though, how we are becoming tougher, how it doesn't happen over night and then say "are you a moron? we don't want a fighter".

Well sorry but if you're whining about toughness still when it's being addressed and obviously won't happen over night then if you don't want a fighter what do you want? There's nothing really worth discussing at this point and deep down despite all the times many people make the claim they want tough players who can play we all know they want fighters.

Originally Posted by onice View Post
On this subject of getting tougher players there was an interesting segment on team 990 last week.

They had the singer of The Blushing Bride (Stones tribute band). He played junior hockey in Outremont and though he was a Habs fan his favorite player was Bobby Clarke. He tried to emulate Clarke's game.

You know who was his coach on that minor team? Pierre Gauthier. And he said that Gauthier did not like his style of hockey. Actually, after an incident where he stood up for his team, Gauthier told him I can't coach you any more. Take your stick and go home.

Now unless Gauthier has evolved in his approach to hockey, I don't think anything will change in Montreal.

Yes, I know he went and got Berger & Blunden. They're not exactly Thornton & McQuaide. And that's exactly what this team needs. Players that play Bobby Clarke's game. We have no one that even comes close.
Sounds like the guys just bitter because he did something super stupid on the ice (regardless of defending a teammate) and Gauthier punished him.

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