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08-03-2011, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Don't get me wrong I love what Cammalleri-Gomez-Gionta does for the rest of the lines, it gives a ridiculous 1st and 3rd line.

Here's the problem. What do Cammalleri, Gomez and Gionta do all season? Two small guys paired up with Gomez who struggled last season. For that line to work I think you need to switch Cammalleri with Patches to be honest.

PS: I love how people defend their toughness argument by saying "we don't want a no skills fighter learn to read" but then fail to aknowledge that this team already has gotten tougher, has been trying to get tougher all along and is a fairly tough team to play against regardless.

They neglect the fact that adding to an area of weakness takes time and doesn't happen over night. I like PG because he isn't a reactionary GM looking to add anyone for "right now". He goes after "his guys" and is patient enough to acquire them either by trade or when they go UFA. No doubt in my mind he really wanted to go after Cole and he did by making him an offer he could not refuse.

People neglect to ever mention this type of stuff though, how we are becoming tougher, how it doesn't happen over night and then say "are you a moron? we don't want a fighter".
I get what your saying about the Cammy, Gio, Gomez line but if they are getting soft minutes, I think they have enough talent to produce. As much as Gomez sucked last year, he didn't have much time with 2 top 6 wingers.

I'm pretty sure JM will mix the lines up a fair amount and we'll see some Max, Cole icetime together just as much as we'll see Cole and AK play together. I'm just glad we have enough guys now that we aren't having to have a Darche / Moen in there anymore. I'm sure we'll still see it the odd time here and there but not nearly as much as last year.

You do bring up a point about PG. But I think BG was the same way, he patiently went after the players he wanted but he missed out a lot more in the early years but he did make the same inflated offers to guys like Briere that PG made to Cole. When he didn't get what he wanted those years, he didn't get a bad stop gap solution.

We are getting tougher though, I think most agree. I also think we are getting the right kind of toughness. I think grit on the backend is also better than grit up front and its something we lacked for a long time. Its why I wanted to keep Wiz, I don't think he was as gritty with us during his small tenure here because of his injury.

But I'm hoping Yemelin can punish some of the opposing teams forwards. If you start building a team mentality around that type of play, then guys like Spacek will begin to pick up their physical play when they see others hitting more.

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